Project Description
A CRUD sample application developed with ASP.MVC 5, AngularJs, WebApi2 and a document with an overview of software qualities, principles, patterns, practices.

Features :
- CRUD and search
- PDF report generation using Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms 11
- simple insurance domain model with inheritance
- RESTful API using WebAPI 2

Libraries and Frameworks:
- AngularJs
- Boostrap, the main CSS/HTML framework,
- Toastr, to display notifications to the user.
- Jasmine, for JS unit testing

- WebAPI 2.x
- StructureMap 3.x
- Entity Framework 6.x
- Automapper 3.x, for mapping between Dtos and Entities
- RhinoMocks 3.x
- Structuremap.automocking 3.x
- Loef T4 templates, for Entities and DTOs generation

try the sample application
(credentials : demo / appdemo)

you can check also the List Manager Utility developed using the framework

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