Project Description
A sample application developed in ASP.MVC 5 and document with an overview of software qualities, principles, patterns, practices.

The sample ASP.NET MVC application can be used as a starting framework when developing a new app.
It uses: AngularJs as JS MVC framework, Toastr to display notifications to the user.
Web API 2 services respond to user requests, Boostrap as the main CSS/HTML framework, Entity Framework 6 as the ORM, StructureMap 3 to put all the modules together acting as the IOC. Every layer contains also base classes that encapsulate the common functionality. A database-first approach was followed so Entities and DTOs are generated using Loef T4 templates. The mapping between Dtos and Entities is done using Automapper 3.0.

try the sample application
(credentials : demo / appdemo)

you check also the List Manager Utility developed using the framework

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